Monday, August 10, 2009

jury proposal [update]

ok so we had our competition proposal yesterday, and it went pretty well! unfortunately, we didnt win, but a big shout out to team scarf (inflatable lego) for coming in second!! definately well deserved guys.

Also, deep breath, props to team breathing experience for making it to the top four! both representing UoA with awesome presentations and speech voices (Esther!).

Oh well, bring on the REAL competition now! but heres a link of a video we used for the presentation which runs along the convoy highlighting our concept of 'communication space'.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

[TRANS-FOrM-ERS] - Sound(')s Good! - Week 2 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

Hey here's the latest! ... slash the first.

Ok, so we're looking at the old cup/string/cup telephone experiment and translating the progression of tele-communication into a spatial and sculptural installation to be exhibitted during Auckland Architecture week 09.

First concepts and expermentation is coming along and been alot of fun...(30m is entirely capable for a whisper!!) and heres some photos of our progression to date.

Mini-crit today went well. Lot's to think about!

Seb has written something.

For more info, check out

Wade, Elliot, Greer, Seb (Sound(')s Good!)