Monday, September 28, 2009

Floor Plan

Our floor plan consits of 3 bases (at this stage) with 3 rods coming out of each base. The cones mark the bases and the crosses are where the pods will hang.

Now in the process of making our bases...dug a dome-shaped hole yesterday and tried to fill it with concrete..but a bit of a flop.

Elliot came up trumps with some hard work yesterday and designed some details that could be laser etched into the ends of our cups..well done Elliot!

A big thanks to HRV construction who have now also come on board with us to sponsor our transport (a big truck with curtain walls) for the convoy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

carbon fibre rods

So we have decided that we will encorporate carbon fibre rods to support our com-pods. With experimentation with surf casting fishing rods, we discovered the carbon fibre rods will keep them elevated but still allow a bit of movement and suggest an 'active' network again reffering back to telecommunication. The flexibility of the rods will also allow for our com-pods to be adjusted when neccessary according to the heights we need them. When supporting our com-pods, the carbon fibre rods give a really nice curve adding to the curvature nature of our installation so far.
A big thanks to CTS (composite tube systems) for sponsoring us with the rods. Without this sponsorship, the use of these high quality materials would not be possible.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

[concept sketch]

com-pod connections

so finally our cup connections are sussed and clean!! cable ties and shower curtain might not sound elegant, but we've managed to pull it off while not losing the modern 'plastic' aesthetic. so fresh, so clean!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

[communication space]

1:2 scale model of our proposed 'com-pods'. The pods will vary in size from very personal, intimate pods to communal pods able to house 4-5 people (or families etc). The smaller the pod the more direct communication between each of them will be where the pods progressing in size will also increase in communication ability, able to communicate with multiple pods and also the event simultaneously. Its in refrence to progression of telecommunication, from direct landlines to satellite 3G networks affording the ability to communicate with multiples of people.


so heres our mid-sem proposal for where we're at and where we want to be come shed 12.

"For the Design 4 TRANS-FOrM-ERS project, our group ' Sound(')s Good!' as per the breif are designing and constructing a structure that will transform, with sound being an impotant influence in our design. Our group has taken telecommunication, particularly phone systems where sound is the medium of communication, but not ignoring other developments in the telecommunication industry such as basic morse code, texting and the internet, as our key focus. our big ideas, if you will, are progression, interaction and netwroking, all in the sphere of telecommunication.

The progression of telecommunication interests us, as it allows for the telling of the telecommunication story. It especially drew our attention as we were inspired by the most primitive telelcom. device, the primary school experiment of the two cups attatched by a piece of string, which when pulled taut allows sound to pass between the two cups via vibrations. We could not help but it in comparison to modern day telecommunication.

As the event is to be large scale public exhibition, making it an interactive structure is obviously an important aspect of all projects, but especially so for ours, as right from the first experiment we did, it has been a highly interactive project, with the phrase "can you hear me?" repeated daily. Telecommunication has always been an interactive action, more so today than ever before as our phones are not just for calling, but texting, surfing the internet, emailing, taking photos, listening to music and having many more features.

Our third idea -that of networking comes from an interest in the telecommunication system. Nodes, mediums, technologies, and perhaps most interesting of all, the notion of communication space, or 'cyberspace' as it is commonly recognised, have captivated us, and combine to inspire our form as it develops.

We seek to make communication space tanglible and architectural, drawing on its development and its playfulness."

(written by elliot [jasmine] rice)

design process

so heres our design process, quite literally unravelled. this shows our progression from string to pvc and our original [commun. pods] 5m of recylcled (therefore sustainable) paper and meters more to go!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mid semester cross crit

We had mid-semester cross crit last week aaaaannnd.....

Our idea of [communication space] was interpreted well by the tutors. We had ideas running crazy for a good week but this helped us to make good decisions about our concept prior to the cross-crit. Through some experimentation we made a good break through with the use of plastic tubing which carries sound really well. It also enables us to be more 'flexible' with the space between [communication space] the cups.

We have come up with the idea of using a series of pods that will be big enough to fit a persons head or in some cases many heads. At this stage the pods will be made out of cups that will all be attatched to plastic tubing. This will be the carryer of sound.. and a means for communication. The tubing will lead to other pods as well as to other areas in the event that can allow different sounds to enter the pods!!!